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Brisbane-based physiotherapy focusing on exercise and healthy aging

Physiotherapy from the comfort of you home! We bring the massage table to you!

Conditions we can assist with
  • Back and neck aches and pains

  • Shoulder conditions

  • Sport sprains, strains and injuries

  • Manual therapy and massage.

  • Pre and post joint replacement rehabilitation.

  • Hip, knee and ankle aches and pains.

  • Just to name a few!

Our services

Mobile physiotherapy: we bring all the equipment you'd expect at a physio clinic to your home, including a massage table, assessment tools and manual therapy devices. Our aim is to provide the same service you would expect at a dedicated clinic, but from the comfort of your own home.

Physio-led exercise program: we offer an exercise program aimed at those aged 40-75 years. It includes exercise equipment tailored to your fitness level, live online classes, occasional outdoor group classes and regular one-on-one check ins. We call it Club Rokvana.

Call today to speak to our team

0402 404 886

Send our friendly team a message to book a free no-obligation phone call below to find out more!

Our Services

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