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A program designed by physios to get you fit, healthy and educated about health.


- Unlimited weekly live online exercise classes, including strength, mobility and cardio training.

- Home exercise equipment tailored to your fitness and strength levels.

- Weekly education sessions explaining everything the average person might want to know to about health and the body.

- Fortnightly one-on-one check-ins to set goals and discuss individual questions.

Who are we for

Club Rokvana is designed by physios, and uses methods backed by science to get you fit and healthy. Club Rokvana is specifically designed for those aged 40+.

It is a great option for anyone who is looking to get into exercise but finds gyms intimidating, and values the input of a qualified health professional.

If you are interested in this service and want to find out more visit our contact page to either book, email or give our friendly team a call!


Movement is essential for good health, but in our modern world, convenience often prevails. Intentional exercise is crucial.

Starting a workout routine can be intimidating, whether at a gym or home. Club Rokvana offers the comfort of home exercise with gym-like variety. Members receive loaned exercise equipment tailored to their needs. And if your strength improves, we'll swap out your weights so you can continue to make progress.


Navigating healthcare can feel like a maze; Googling questions such as “what exercise is best” will provide dozens of (often contradictory) answers. Club Rokvana’s educational component provides weekly lessons on a broad range of topics, all aimed at demystifying health. We'll discuss topics such as "Is it safe to exercise with arthritis?" and "What does evidence-based actually mean?". Members get the chance to ask questions and provide suggestions for the weekly education sessions, ensuring that we discuss topics our community is most interested in.

Fortnightly check-ins

Every person is different and as such we are all going to respond to movement and exercise slightly differently. The fortnightly one-on-one sessions allow time for our team to address any of your questions, provide advice on goals, and tailor your program specifically to your needs. 

Structure and fees

To join Club Rokvana, you're first required to have a physiotherapy home consultation, where we will conduct a thorough examination, test your strength and assess your movement. Following this you get a starter pack along with exercise equipment specific to your strength requirements.

Fees - Club Rokvana

For current pricing information, email

  • Club Rokvana involves a six week introductory course, from there transitioning to fortnightly direct direct debits.

  • An in-home physiotherapy review is required prior to joining Club Rokvana, which is not included in the initial six week fee.

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